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Fic and Suiko3 manga moodtheme

Title: Untitled
Game(s): Suikoden II
Characters: Jowy and Jillia
Pairings: Jowy/Jillia
Rating: PG
Notes: Uses the good ending, spoilers, etc. etc. Short, rambly, drabble like ficlet.


» Download here
» Preview here

Notes: There may be unintentional character bias. I tried to be somewhat even, but I'm a lazy bastard that uses the first image that matches the mood.
Also, my attitude towards this near the end was "SCREW YOU," so there may be some moods that, er, may not fit very well. If you have a request for a certain panel to be a mood, I'll see what I can do.
If you can't download it, wait a while. My server's odd. If you've waited a while and you still can't download it, complain to me. I'll upload it somewhere else for you.

Installation Instructions
As far as I know, only Plus, Permanent, and Paid accounts are capable of creating new moodthemes.
  1. Download the file and unzip it.

  2. Upload the images using a site like Photobucket, or even Livejournal's ScrapBook. (Note: This will be extremely boring and somewhat time consuming.)

  3. Go to this page and create a new moodtheme. Name it whatever you want.

  4. Click on the "Edit" button next to your newly created moodtheme.

  5. Copy and paste the image URL into the spaces provided. Be sure to provide the height (40) and width (85), because LJ won't take them without that. (Note: This is even more boring and time consuming. You may feel compelled to throw your computer out a window. Do not do that.)

  6. Cry

Comment, credit, complain, etc. ♥
Tags: fanfiction
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